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How to spoil a good M101, taken last night 02.04.2013


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Well as the title suggest this is how to spoil a good image.

As you can see from the wide angle my sensor is still covered in rubbish.

I am sitting here posting this waiting for the postie to deliver my sensor cleaning wands to hopefully rid me of this annoyance once and for all.


Anyway back to the image.


Taken with my Helios 127mm Frac and the dirty Canon 350 D

48 300 second subs at ISO 800

3 Darks

21 Flats


Stacked in DSS

polished a bit in PS 6.


Shame about the hairs but other than that I am well pleased with it.








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Perhaps you've captured some integrated flux nebulae partly obscured by some interestingly shaped dark nebulae. :D


I'm sure you'll be very glad to get rid of them though.

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Peter they are a right royal PITA.

I have had another go at cleaning it today and have managed to clear the center of the sensor so a proper go at this is on the cards tonight.

Edited by Graham
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Good luck Graham.


I'm sure you will get some superb results once you've finished the cleaning. I reckon cleaning and then close inspection with a magnifying glass or even higher powered loupe could be useful to ensure you get it completely spotless.

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