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Create Your Album / Linking Images


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All members of East Midlands Stargazers have access to the gallery and can create one album. This album can be used to host your images which you can then share in the forums, using the share links it provides you.

This is a step by step guide to setting up your album.

Gallery Creation

Step1: Click on Gallery followed by Upload


Step 2: Click on New Album


Step 3: Give your album a name and a description, then click on Select Album, right near to Parent Album


Step 4: Click on Select Album, to select the Member Albums as your parent


Step 5: Finally, click on Save


Your new album is ready for your first uploads!

Sharing / Linking Images

Once you have uploaded your first image, you might want to share this on the forum.

Step1: Whilst viewing the image you want to share, click on Options followed by Share links


Step2: Copy the link provided, labelled BBCode


You can now paste this code into your post to share the image. :)

Attaching Images Directly to Posts

For images that are only going to be used once, attaching them directly to posts is probably the easiest way to share them. You'll upload these directly from your PC.

Step1: Under the post area, click on Choose Files...


Step2: Browse to the image you wish to share, select in and click Open. You can select multiple files at the same time.


Step3: Once the file is uploaded, you can see it ready under the post area. Click on Add to Post.


For images you might want to refer back to in future, or images that are more special than one off-shares, you're probably better off using the gallery.

In order to conserve bandwidth and ensure a reasonable experience for different internet speeds, file sizes are limited to 1MB per image. You may upload as many images as you like.


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Thats great Craig, finally done it.

But whats beyond me is how to put an image in a post. Ive tried using the picture button andd entering the URL for the image but it doesnt take it? Can you give me some pointers?



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To the right of the image is an options button, under which you will find 'Share Links'. Click that and copy the one that contains URL and IMG tags. :)

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Sorry Craig you lost me, what image?

The gallery Im OK with, no problems there.

Im trying to put an image into a thread where there is no image and there are no attach options that I can see. If I click the picture icon in teh reply top toolbar I get the URL link but when I put a URL in it doesnt take it.

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Is there no way of writing a post and just adding a piture from a pc I.e. attachments without uploading it to the members gallery first ?

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The image three posts up isn't added in the same way, most folk here are linking to their gallery or images hosted elsewhere.

What Rob has asked for is the ability to upload an attach directly in a post, which I can enable today.

I would suggest though that, for your best work, the gallery is better. It's more easily referenced when you are looking for stuff and it's a way of showcasing all of your work in a central place, which can look great when it starts to build up. :)

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