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M33 up close and personal, Kelling Sunday night


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After several attempts to combine data from previous nights I have just plumped for producing an image from Sunday nights run due to rogue subs messing things up.


This is a stack of 8 minute sub exposures totalling 4.2 hours.








WO FLT98 with AFR Mk 4 to bring the FL down to F5. IDAS LP filter

Guided with Homemade finderguider fitted with QHY5

Atik 314L+ OSC imaging camera, set at -12 cooling

All mounted on an HEQ5 Pro mount


Stacking and Fits conversion Images Plus 4. No calibration

Processing PS7


I still have another 2 hours data from Tuesday Friday and  Saturday but there is a lot of funny stuff in them, I will try and add some more.


Hope you like it

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Thanks for the kind words folks.


Yep previous nights were a struggle on this one due to weather, jaded brain etc but Sunday I concentrated and made sure all was working properly and I double checked everything and it all went swimmingly. I just left the set up churning out frames whilst I played with the old F15 doing visual astronomy.


I am well chuffed with this but am going to give the extra data another look at to see if I can add some more luvly starry goodness to it :)

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Tried to add some more data from the Saturday and Tuesday this am and given up. The wind trailed the Tuesday subs and most of the Saturday subs are poor due to cloud/mist problems we had so I'm gonna leave this as is now a case of not wanting to muck about with it and mess it up

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