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history channel +1 ufo's

cosmic dave

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A UFO is simply an unidentified flying object, in which case I most definitely believe in them. As for those objects containing aliens, I most certainly do not believe in it. :)

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What! not even a bit?

How do you explain Simon Cowell's fame, the popularity of masterchef and astro photography?

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Guest GentleChaos

Watching an interesting doc about ufo's and the white house at the momenet.food for thgought ??

Look up the disclosure project on youtube if that intrests you...

I dont think we are alone, considering how far the human race has come in recent years, what if we are still around 100,000 years from now and we still have technology ?

No civilization on earth has ever reached the advancement that we currently have, we simply do not know what is around the corner....

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More wars sadly, if the money from those went into research we might have cured cancer, got to the Moon and be on the way to Mars.

But no, we are coming up with more ingenious ways to kill each other, things that can be controlled and aimed from a different continent.

You don't have to get out of bed to go to war now.

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