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mounting a ST80 onto a 8" SCT

red dwalf

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hi all,

looking for some advice on how and what to buy so i can mount my ST80 onto the top of my Celestron 8" SCT scope,

not 100% certain on what to buy, do i just need a dovetail bar and drill it to my requirements ?

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I got an adm rail system and rings. These have been used on my c11 when i had it. Then the bar was cut in 2 and 1 bit is now on my 127 frac and the other half is on my flt98. The rings are substantial as well, take my st80 with ease but are quite happy with the heavy flt98

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don`t think those rails and radius blocks will fit onto my 8 se, only one screw on the top of these scopes to hold in place unlike the normal black version of the 8 sct,

looks like a duel mount bar is on my shopping list

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Guest Kheldar

thanks Stephen, L.O.L. want to use the ST80 i have already instead of buying more gear, the shed, i mean obsy is getting very full, need an extension !


In all seriousness value of ST80 plus cost of radius blocks or whatever you choose may well come close to the cost of the OAG (check out the newish one on FLO.)


With a scope of that focal length ... I'd take OAG over ST80 (unless you're using the reducer?) but just my 2p :)

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