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Happy Birthday Brahe!


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Born on this day 467 years ago, Tycho Brahe, probably the the most awesome astronomer ever!


This is why:


During a swordfight over a mathematical equation, Tycho lost part of his nose. He fabricated multiple replacement noses out of copper, silver, and gold, which he wore for different occasions.

He was granted an island to build an observatory on, which he turned into a lavish playboy-bunny type mansion.

On that island he threw lavish parties, and for entertainment had a dwarf that claimed to know the future.

He also had a pet elk, which sadly died after drinking a lot of beer and following down a set of stairs.

At one point owned 1% of all of Denmark's wealth.

And of course he also now had a crater on the Moon and Mars in his name.

...Oh and the small fact he was one of the founders of modern astronomy.

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