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Hi from a Newbie in Leicester


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Hi all,


As you can see I've only just joined the forum having taken a look with interest.

I'm an almost complete beginner to astronomy but have a tech background, which includes working R and D and IT until retiring. I'm also a Radio Ham and mad on most things technical.


I've had a refractor telescope some 30 years ago but due to it's quality I did not get very far. Over twelve months ago I bought a Bresser spotting scope for wildlife and have just started pointing it upwards at night which has renewed my interest in Astronomy.


Now the big question is what scope to get to move forward - this is what I'm researching now.


Newtonian / Dobsonian etc...


Difficult without trying them out and / or getting some good advice, which is how I found EMS.




Adrian / Toymaster





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Guest neil27

Hi Adrain,


welcome to EMS, I'm sure your questions will get answered fairly quickly, they are a friendly bunch here!


I would suggest though that you come along to one of the excellent meetings that are arranged all over the east midlands, where hopefully you will see both of the scopes you are interested in and can try first hand before parting with your hard earned cash.


Hope this helps,


Regards, Neil.

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Guest CodnorPaul

Hi Adrian - welcome to EMS


Absolutely agree with above - get to a meeting and come have a look/chat with us, there will be various telescopes on show.  With the weather the way it is an observing meeting may be some time off but failing everything we are doing a Stargazing Live event at Wymeswold on 18th January where even if it is cloudy/raining we will have some areas indoors with scopes and members to talk to.

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Hi Adrian, a warm welcome to EMS.


I would suggest you come and have a look at what's available, everyone would be happy to show you through the scopes, and let you know the pro's and con's of them.


I suspect with your back ground it won't be long before you want to dip your toe into the imaging side of it, again there help at hand.


Come over to Wymeswold, I would be happy to show you round my Dob.


Enjoy the forum. :)

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Hi and welcome to EMS.

Stick to visual, it will save your sanity and your bank balance ;)

Nothing more to add than what has already been said, hope you enjoy the forum.

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Adrian,


Warm welcome to EMS another IT man on the forum. You have opened the pandora's box, which scope to get. :D


Best to come along to a meet to see what others have and what might suit you best, the dob'ers, frac'ers and sct'ers are rubbing their hands!

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Hi welcome along, as Shelia said, come to our event at wymeswold and have a good luck. There should be every scope you can think of to have a look at and were a friendly bunch, honest.

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Hello from me. Welcome to EMS.

I agree with everything said above. Come along to a meet so you can get a feel for what you prefer. It can be very expensive if you get something you don't like.

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Many thanks to you all for the warm welcome - certainly a friendly and active group - great!!

I really would like to join you on the 18th but my daughters have organised a birthday bash for me.

So unfortunately it will have to be another time.

Looking forward to it....

Thanks again,


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