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Home 09 January 2014


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Imaged Jupiter 2147 to 2250

Observed Jupiter, 20mm & 10mm + 3x barlow, north and south belts very clear and steady.

M41 just below Sirius, very nice open cluster with a dozen or so bright stars.

M47 again a dozen or so bright stars, more spread out than M41.

M46 incredibly faint cluster of a dozen stars+

Quick look at Sirius, always a wow in my opinion, lovely bright white with a slight hint of blue.

M48 Faint cluster of 2 or 3 dozen stars, fairly compact core of about ten stars.

M50 faint cluster with about 10 brighter stars.

NGC2905 Galaxy (mag +10) clearly visible in my 20mm vixen as an elongated diagonal smudge.

M81 & M82 (Bodes) my all-time favourite galaxy's easily visible together in my 20mm Vixen, slight note of spiral structure in M81 and long smudge for M82.

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