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Jupiter 09.01.2014


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Equipment: Scope: 200P  Mount: NEQ6 Pro  Camera: ASI120MC


Well it was a rather short lived affair last night. I setup at 4:30ish and put all the dew bands on ready to make a night of it. I left the scope to cool and then got started about 5:30pm. I started with my normal alignment process and then thought as the moon was there I would hav  look through the 13mm Ethos and 2x powermate. It seemed quite stable so as I had made an adjustment to the software side of things (very minor just download a driver which allowed more control over camera) I thought I'd pop th ASI120MC into the powermate and take an avi of the moon. I'll post that in the lunar thread :)


Whilst I was faffing with the moon Jupiter had risen sufficiently to be visible in the scope. Visually it appeared pretty satbel through the Hyperion zoom set at 8mm but in the 2 x powerrmate so 4mm so I was quite hopeful. However to the camera's oh so sensitive eyes it turned out the conditions were not good at all and also the altitude of jupiter what wit it being early did not help. I took 6 avis all at 1500 frames each. the below pictire is the final 2 combined to make 3000 frames, put through PIPP and then stacked in AS!2 and only 50% of the frames kept, wavelts in registax 5.1. So below is the best of a bad bunch :) The observing was cut short at just before 8pm as a massive cloud bank rolled in so I packed it all away thinking I was done for the night-you've guessed it though whilst I watched stargazing live it all magically cleared and the stars were out in force-I didnt have it in me to setup again though :(


Jupiter 09_01_2014US by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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good job at low altitude


you need to get a cover you can throw over


I have given up with the dew bands and gone with a blast of the hair dryer and I think it helps not to have that constant although low amount of heat

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Hmm I think I know where I am going after the story has been fitted upstairs tomorrow :) Getting a semi liveable house now. Just one more room to be plastered, painted and carpeted and then can concentrate more on the astro too :)

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