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C8 Progress Report


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Hi Everyone


Thought i'd post an update and share a few photos of my C8 'Edge'

It now has the new 'Bobs knobs' collimation screws in place. I was surprised at how tight the old screws were to remove....?

I wasn't expecting that. After the first screw was removed, and replaced by the knob, the other two were a lot easier though.

Pleased to report the front lens cover goes on ok  :)

Only done a rough (probably very dodgy) indoor collimation so far. We'll have to see how it goes outside with a star test.

I may need a bit of help......... :huh:


image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr
Here's a look at the new ultrashort 10mm SCT T adapter.
I'm pleased with this : it keeps the light path as short as possible when bino-viewing. 

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr
Finally, here's a look at the scope with the SCT adapter, coupled with my new Fujifilm T ring.
Looking forward to trying out some imaging....... :D

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr

image by rob.0919, on Flickr
The next modification will be a new micro focuser when funds allow.
All for now.
Thanks for looking  ;)


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Nicely done Rob,

will make collimation so much easier, don't know why celestron don't fit them as standard,

I have the feather light micro focuser fitted to my nexstar c8, quality item just a shame it cost so much but fitting is a breeze.

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thanks Rob, it would be nice to compare how your c8 edge compares to my c8 imaging wise, have always liked the idea of the edge version of this scope.

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Rob.....i got the 'Edge HD' at a good price at last years Astrofest.

I think the changes when imaging with regard to how stars compare in the outer edges are probably quite subtle.

I doubt with my non-critical 46yr old eyes (i've not done any imaging yet) i'd notice much difference ! For planetary theres no difference.


The two (passive) cooling vents introduced in the 'Edge HD' series are a nice idea, but they are crying out to be modified

with an active system. My scopes are kept in my garage which has a boiler / hot water tank (not ideal) and i reckon

its 20*C above outside ambient temperature. So cool down is a big problem for me, as i've no observatory plans.

The 'Cat-Cooler' fans you can get are not an option : The 'Edge HD' has corrective optical elements in the baffle tube.

However, i've been looking at this system from a company based in Phoenix, Arizona US who have come up with an ideal solution.


Take a look at this link :



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