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Hoping for help and spare part for NGC Meade telescope

Guest Beginner

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Guest Beginner

I have joined you in the hope of finding anybody near Stamford, Lincolnshire who might be able to help. My 8 year old grandson has become interested in the stars and planets, and we want to use my son's NGC Meade telescope, which has lain in pieces for several years.

I'm usually a fairly practical grandma, but I cannot fix the diagonal mirror onto it, because the thumbscrew is missing. I have contacted Meade UK, and several companies, but none can supply one, as they say it's obsolete now.

Please can anybody help us to get started?


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Welcome to EMS Ann I'm sure Damian can help you.

I would imagine if you are missing just the thumbscrew then there is hope, just take the diagonal to your local DIY outlet so you can check thre thread size, then pick one of the many bolts they do, there might even have a range of thumbscrews but if not you will have to do with a bolt until one can be located.

There is always astroboot on Scope and Skies website http://www.scopesnskies.com/AstroBoot

Best of luck.

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Hi Ann and welcome to EMS :)

Yes - as Doc says - Astroboot is a great idea. You can either get a replacement diagonal - or get the cheapest one on there for a fiver or tenner and take one of the thumbscrews out for your scope. Let us know how you get on and if there's anything else we can help with just ask away.

Enjoy the forum :)

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi All,

Ann has sent me the pics, waiting respone back from mail. Its not the thumbscrews that is the issue, I have spares, the diagonal is missing the nose piece into the drawtube. Have checked astroboot and there is a 1.25" diag there for a couple of quid.

Will await Ann's response to confirm.

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