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Binoviewers - HELP!


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I recently bought a pair of Williams Optics binoviewers off Ebay. Problem I have is that the images don't line up. Is there any adjustment I can make or have I been sold a 'pup'?

All help gratefully received.


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Hi Dave, there is a knack to using binoviewers and it involves several things which once you have them sorted becomes second nature


Make sure both eyepieces are the same. Start with low power, e.g 25 mm or similar, higher mags take more getting used to.


Adjust the angle of the binoviewers so that the eyepieces line up with your eyes.


Adjust the focus of the scope till one image is in focus on your dominant eye. Now adjust the other eyepiece focus until that is in focus. Whilst doing the latter you will notice the two images gradually merge until your brain kicks in and snaps the two images together into one

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Yup - that's how I do it as well. The WO binoviewers are the best ones under £200 - I've seen them sell around £100 s/h which is a bargain (assuming good condition and working order).


The views will be greatly enhanced with "winged eyeguards" - if you block out all stray light it becomes more like a 3D flight over planets or through star fields - totally immersive. :)

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Could you not try it on a tree or telegraph pole or something during the day, then at least your not wasting time when it's clear at night??


And I know this goes without saying but I really feel I need too....


Be careful of the sun.

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Hi Dave,


Not seen / used the WO binos, but try again as Philjay says.


I have the Baader Maxbright system.

This is also available for less than £200 (bino only)


I imagine the set up with mine is no different.

A few tips ;


Adjust the inter pupillary distance so its spot on.

With eyepieces in, close right eye & look into the left eyepiece. Use telescope focuser till image becomes sharp.

Now do the opposite, but this time rotate the right eyepiece holder till the image in that eye is sharp.


Just like normal binoculars.You can now focus for different eyepieces or addition of other optical components to the optical path, by using just the telescopes focusing mechanism.


Baader provide a good set of instructions for beginners....check this link for a PDF copy of mine


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By the way..........i see we have the same scopes  :)

Its great to see your trying out bino-viewing on the C8. I was blown away with the views of Lunar through mine.


One thing to be aware of (and i picked this up from the legendary 'Eddgie" over on the CN bino-viewer forum) :

If you can, try and keep the light path as short as possible when bino-viewing with the C8 (or any sct/cat)

If your using a standard visual back with a big 2" mirror diagonal then the bino /eyepieces on top the light path will be far too long.

It will still work & focus, but what happens is, your 8" scope will effectively become a 6.5 or 7" scope.

Aperture is actually reduced. Don't ask me to explain in detail, something to do with light cones i think.


Good luck anyway sorting out the WO bino. Are you just using the supplied 20mm eyepieces with it ?

Let us know how you get on......


Cheers BV 

ps i'd love to know what you think of the Hyperstar too  ;)

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Thanks for your suggestions. FYI I was trying out the binos with a C11 that I've just bought with a 2" diagonal. I've give it  a go with the C8 with/without the diagonal and see if that helps.

The hyperstar is an excellent addition to the C8. It turns your scope into a light gathering machine. You only need 2 min exposures so can image lots of objects in an evening. I got mine cheap on AstroBuy&Sell.


Let you know how I get on.



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Also Dave, try rotating the eyepieces in the barrels. This can sometimes help with merging the image.

And if you can, see if you can get hold of another set of eyepieces and see if you can merge with them.

I've never had an issue merging images with my binos. Out of interest, how are you with binoculars.....?


I've got an eye on a Hyperstar system sometime in the future.....

The images on your astrobin site are very impressive......BUT i need to walk first before i start to run.

Do you have any issues with focusing......? 


BV, Rob.

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Not really. I fit a Bartinov to my dew shield and focus as normal. People have reported problems with collimation, but I've just screwed the unit down tight and it seems ok.


You just have to be careful how tight you screw the hyperstar on. I couldn't get it off once without rotating the secondary holder. I left the scope outside in the cold and after it cooled down, it came off without a problem. Since them I've used some dry lube on the threads and am careful how tight I screw it on.



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