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Happy Birthday Adrian


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Many Thanks Guys and Gals...

Just opened my cards helped by my 3 year old Granddaughter, Eden Hope, can't be bad.

They have come down from Yorkshire for just over a week...

She is already an avid sky gazer and has been looking out for clear skies, Moon and Jupiter :-)


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Thanks All,


Just got home after a day out to relations.....


Clear skies but windy here - Tried the scope but not exactly steady in the wind and so I gave the Bins a go - Really dark sky tonight here and the number of stars is amazing. Gave the Plaideas a go for the first time and went "Wow"  :)


Looks like the bins are good for learning the sky.....


Have fun,



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Hope you've had a great day Adrian.


Ta. Great so far and it's not over yet - Now where is the bottle opener?    B)



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