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ED 80 evostar - visual use


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Probably a bit of a strange question as I know it's mostly used for imaging but does anyone here use this for visual astro observation as well?

If you do:

What objects do you look at?

What ep do you use?

And what is the smallest fl ep you can get away with to get a higher magnification?

To explain my question I am tempted by this scope for the good optics and astro imaging of wider field objects (open clusters and larger dso) but know since it will be my only scope for a while I may miss the ability to do a bit of visual work.

I am sure I have more questions to come!



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Thank you John, That really helps. I guess planets are pretty small in the field of view.


Out of interest what eye pieces do you use? 2" ones? focal lengths of ep's?


I am wondering what I could realistically get away with/what would work in terms of higher magnification eye pieces and maybe even using a Barlow.

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Magnification in this country is dependant on the seeing conditions. A very general rule if thumb is don't go above 200x magnification. There are the odd nights you can really push that, maybe upto 300x mag if the atmosphere is really, really, really stable. Obviously magnification is decided on the focal length of eps devided by the focal length of your scope.

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Thanks for the post Daz,


I guess what I am wondering is what is workable around this limit with different lens combinations and my eye's. I know I can only truly find that out by having a go (which I am hoping to have the chance to do at some point.)


I wear glasses so I guess long eye relief is important for one. I am a bit less familiar with the term exit pupil but read somewhere it was akin to trying to look down a straw?!


I know from experience with  [very] cheaper lenses and telescopes that I've mostly used eye pieces that give wider fields of view as they tend to be clearer/brighter, easier to focus and also less work to get your eye lined up to see the image in the eye piece. (exit pupil?)


I don't know how much clearer the better optics are (quality and speed) on the ED80 and how much difference this makes in terms of ability to use a shorter focal length ep.


Since it's only 600mm fl ( some cheep scopes I have used have only been 700mm - 8/900mm) I am wondering how useable it would be with say a 5mm ep and a 2x Barlow (as close as I could get to your 200x with ep's that I have been looking at)


Is this just unrealistic?


Thanks all for your thoughts!

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I also wear glasses Steve, but I remove them when using an EP (some people don't!). I need at least 12mm eye relief to be comforable and have spent the last 2 years trying out different makes and types of eyepiece. I am now happy with my collection apart from one ep which I will no doubt replace this year some time. It's a very subjective area, what suits one person will not suit another. So if possible try as many makes and types of EP as you can, some may be too expensive some may be cheaper but suit your eyes better? This is half the fun of the hobby, hope you find a comfortable EP to use  :)

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Thanks Ron,


Do you do much visual work? Would be interested to know how you get on with your new ED80... will you use eye-pieces with that or will it be pretty much only for imaging?


I have a slight astigmatism but do tend to remove my glasses for eyepieces unless I am sharing the view with other people in which case I tend to keep them on (as I assume it will be closer to their requirements?!)


Usually keep them on for general photography as I like to see what I am looking at with my naked eyes too! But that does cause me some issues framing things in the full field of view at times. I may well be happier for astronomy though as I intend to be using a driven mount.

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The ED80 is a fine visual scope, because its the weapon of choice for imagers should give you an idea that its a good un.

You can use it for just about everything, Moon, Planets, Deep Sky, Double Stars, it'll do the lot and do it well. Obviously don't expect hubble like views of deep sky objects as its 80mm but you will be surprised at what you can see. I have a 98mm fluorite triplet APO which is used predominantly for imaging but it makes one heck of a visual scope.


As for eyepieces, well how long is a piece of string? There are so many out there. Try before you buy is my advice as eyepieces are like shoes, everybody is different and what is excellent for one person is not necessarily good for others, unless you have a high disposable income that is :D  


The scope will work well with good quality eyepieces, so choose ones with eye relief to suit you and that have a quality that matches or exceeds the scope at a price that you can afford.

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HI Steve, the ED80 will be used for both, I have a slight astigmatism too hence the need for the 12mm eye relief. Will do a ffirst light and let you know both visually and AP. Both of my mounts have Goto and the MN190 is on a pier. Just need some clear sky now to get started!! :)

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Thanks for that Phil, looking forward to getting it in the week, EP's sorted some TV Radions (4,12,18)TV Panoptic 22, Nirvana 16,Sky Panarama 7mm and a32mm Panaview + a  2xTAL Barlow.The Panoptic hasn't enough eye relief really but it's a great EP!

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Thanks Ron and Phil... Sensible comments... Some of my questioning is just about getting the confidence to dive in!


That looks like a super range of eyepieces Ron. Not that I know much about the makes and models.


I am also looking at the HEQ5. Partly as it's more in my price range but also (I am presuming) just a little more portable than the NEQ6. One concern I have about it is how future proofed I will be. Likely be a 200PDs or possibly an SCT. I am hoping that the HEQ5 would support both scopes at the same time e.g. for guiding but suspect it would be pushing it to its limit. Will you use yours with your Mak and New ED do you think?


I've also been reading a recent post about 2" vs 1.25" ep's. Until recently I never new eyepieces of the larger size/weight existed but have to say I am excited by the prospect of having a scope that can take them. Hope the ED focuser can cope!

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By the time you load your 200PDS with a RDF,Guider/finder scope and camera you will be near the limit on the HEQ5! My MN190 and AP kit is on the limit now!

I will use the ED80 on an EQ5 Pro with an Off Axis guider to save weight (I think!)

Off to bed now, old age catching up fast! LOL




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