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02.02.2014 Jupiter Europa Shadow Transit


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Mount: NEQ6 Pro       Scope: 200P     Camera: ASI120MC      Televue 2x Powermate and 3 inch extension 



Was a good session last night despite my laptop continuously attempting to not work with sharpcap for some reason but I just went a borrowed Katie's and all went well. I managed to get a capture rate of 143fps last night so came away with 20gigs of data. Below is the stuff that I mangaed to get okay focus on the others (where I did not!) have been filed away under 'B' for Bin! I did manage to try out my little variable led to clip on to the finderscope objective to light up the reticule and it worked very nicely :) I also used the new moonlit focuser with the 50mm draw tube the FLO so kindly sent in exchange for the 38mm one I had and the extra back travel was great as I didnt have to adjust the barrel of the powermate to gain that extra bit of backwards travel :) I didn't manage to first light my Meg 72 however but  will try that next time out :)


I captured using latest version of Sharpcap 2, put the avis through PIPP keeping the best 2500 frames of 3000. Then I stacked in AS!2, wavelets in Registax 5.1 and then Levels, Curves, Hue/Saturation,Contrast and sharpening in Photoshop CS2. 


Anyway here are the 5 images that are not too embarrassing :) I have made them into a short animation but it is terrible i comparison to Dawsons so I am not gonna post it! :D


EDIT: Something has happened during the upload of the images to Flickr as the original files on my desktop are not this grainy  :blink:


EDIT: Right I think that should be better-I uploaded the .tiff files instead of the .png ones and Flickr doesn't like .tiffs apparently! 


Jupiter 02_02_2014 22_58_02 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr


Jupiter 02_02_2014 22_58_51 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr


Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_02_08 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr


Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_17_23 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr


Jupiter 02_02_2014 23_19_37 by Gattouomo161, on Flickr

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Very nice. Love the totally spherical shadow of the moon on the planet, and how bright the moon is. Lots of lovely detail in the banding too.

Really nice. I'm impressed you got such high frame rates!

Very impressive work; i now feel guilty i didn't even entertain the idea of doing anything last night.



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Very nice collection there Felix, don't be hard on yourself as atmospherics change from moment to moment and you do end up with some naff images in amongst the good ones.

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very nice Felix,

using the x2 and Planetary camera, is that the mag you get through the SW200p or are they cropped?

Hey Ben, the images are not cropped the capture software setting is used was 320x280 as the smaller the area of the chip you use to capture the faster the frame rate (along with other settings that also contribute). If you are visually looking through the x2 powermate and using an eyepiece of say 10mm (therefore 5mm with te powermate) it does not look this big and you would not see as much detail with your as as the camera sensor does.

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Felix your planetary images seem to be getting better and better, soon be a rival for the Damien Bloke, very nice indeed every time i see one of yours or James planetary images i want one of those cameras, great job.

i think there`s another transit forecast for the 6th if i remember correctly after reading the sky at night mag

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Thanks rob, very nice of you to say :) It's odd though as every time I go out I do not know what I will get and feel like I am always "having a go" for want of a better phrase! I am genuinely surprised when I process the outage and find something workable at the end! I think it will be many a yet and many thousands of pounds (AKA never!) before I could get anything close to Damian's work :)

They are a cracking camera for the money, they really are. I think it is a great step up camera from a webcam.

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