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Another M81/M82 +SN


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I took advantage of the first clear night in ages to test a few things. I've got the first stage of my battery box complete, so I am now fully mobile :) I ran everything from 12 volts to make sure it all works before I drag it to a field. I lost about an hour trying to get Metaguide to calibrate before I realised that I'd not given it the declination of the target. Once I did that it worked fine :facepalm: If you use ASCOM, that part is not required. I'd better get round to sorting that EQMOD cable out...



This is 120 mins, 9 x 600 sec subs, 3 darks, 21 flats, ISO800, no crop. I am really fighting the light pollution here, for me the target is right next to the city light dome. The contrast on the stacked image was not good. I did use a Baader coma corrector and this has really sorted the edges of the field and collimating before hand has made the stars the right shape this time :)



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