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Fuse ratings for running from 12v battery


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I've cobbled together a battery box but am not sure what rating fuses are best for what bits of kit. Could anyone offer any advice on what should be used for a HEQ5 etc?

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Guest Kheldar

Starting with the HEQ5 mentioned - 2A (slewing at max speed draws 1.6A, tracking draws 0.9A approximately)




However your HEQ5 power cable (stock one) should already have a fuse in the plug ... thus you're really putting fuses into the system to protect your cables, sockets, switches, etc.


You need to consult the rating of those parts and pick a fuse that slightly exceeds the lowest common denominator!


E.g. Switch rated at 5A, cable rated at 10A, socket rated at 3A ... better put a 3A in there




My battery box is rated at 10A all the way through to the socket - as such I have 10A fuses on each "channel" (I have three channels for three devices.)


Each device though has it's own fuse (5A for EQ8, 3A for QSI, 8A for mount hub) in it's power cable




Grown ups (yes Martyn, I'm looking at you) feel free to correct me :)

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Thanks Stephen :)


I am trying to get away from using lighter sockets where possible, so am using DC connectors like this one -  http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Screw-Locking-DC-Plug-Metal-Panel-Mount-Socket-Locable-Secure-2-5MM-x-5-5MM-/321180030250?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&var=&hash=item76c6f845e3


I was running the mount off an (allegedly) 2.5A rated supply. I was getting the flickering power light whilst slewing. Moving to the battery seems to have solved that, so was wondering if 2.5A wasn't enough. Possibly the PSU...

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