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M82 and M81


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OK, Not that impressive shots compared to some of you "pro's" :) but I have been wanting to try and see if I could identify the super nova in M82 just using my DSLR and 300mm lens and no tracking. Took a bit to get both objects in frame but having found them a few times in my 15x70's recently it's getting easier. Also required a balance between, light capture, not over/underexposing and star trails.


For a start. Is the supernova still visible? I think I heard/read that this type should be around for a few months (?)


Have I captured it here... just?


Either way quite happy to have captured a couple of fuzzies with fairly basic kit!


M82 M81 by sja88, on Flickr


M82 M81 Is this SN 2014J by sja88, on Flickr


M82 arrow zoom by sja88, on Flickr



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