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Project Galaxy has been started...

Guest VikN46

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Guest VikN46

As the title suggests I have set myself a project to practice all aspects of galaxy imaging. The other night I wanted to start with M33, but it was too low and by the time it was high enough dew stopped play but I did get something on M81.

Last night was lovely and clear and NO DEW! So I started again and chose M31.

I had tried the targets before when I first started with this hobby M81 first and then when it appeared later in the year M31 although I was chuffed to bits having got my first galaxies they were not very good at all, my new attempts aren't show stoppers either but are slowly getting better.

Sorry for the long post any tips, help and comments appreciated.

So here are the first two images from 'Project Galaxy' started this week, thanks for looking.

Taken using my usual stuff:

SW 150 PDS, EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO.

Guiding: SW ST80 and QHY5.

Modded Canon 600D and coma corrector with CLS clip filter.

Using: BYEOS, PHD, DSS, Photoshop CC.

M81 - 26/08/14

ISO 800

15 x 300 Lights

10 x Darks

Flats and bias

15024679565_37f9d0161c_n.jpg1.1 m81 jpeg colour by VikN46, on Flickr

M31 - 28/08/14

32 x 240s Lights

No Darks - Camera battery ran out and I hadn't plugged in my spare :rolleyes:

Bias and Flats

ISO 800

15071695395_f1561dbcea_n.jpgM31 Andromeda Galaxy ''Project Galaxy'' by VikN46, on Flickr

and just for comparison my first attempts from earlier in the year.

M81/82 amd M31

13068596274_2e6fdb4262_n.jpgM8110.03.14 by VikN46, on Flickr 14625951253_6f08c101aa_n.jpgm31JULY 1.1.tif PSP 1.2 by VikN46, on Flickr

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Nicely done your coming on well.

My only tip, get some dew heaters, that way, you won't need to cut short your imaging times, if you can afford DSLR's and a decent mount, dew heaters should be no issue.

Keep up the good work!

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Nice little project.

Galaxies are always tricky to process.

I have never had my ST80 dew up, I just use camping mat dew shields.

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