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USA orion newts.


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I'm not sure about the USA ones but I believe Damian (Devil74 I think) has an Orion Optics UK FL10 (going from memory here, I may be wrong). I looked through it at last years Kelling and I noticed no difference to other 10" dobs.

Not sure how different the USA ones are to the UK?

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Thanks Daz. I believe that the uk orion is a separate company who use a better quality mirror set but not sure how much better or if there is much difference.

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Guest CodnorPaul

As Daz says the Orion UK dobs are exactly the same optically as the Skywatcher ones UNLESS you get the ugraded optics for an additional cost when purchasing - they go from 1/4 wave to 1/10 wave mirrors.  The USA ones I believe have the same options when purchasing from something I have read somewhere?

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I used to have a Hardin 10" dob, it was a long tine ago and on the back of the mirror was stamped USA.


The view looked exactly the same as a normal 10" dob, no better to my eyes.

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Guest Tweedledum

If you buy a used Orion USA scope, be aware that you will be on your own if you require any spares. Below link to thread in SGL. I was attempting to get an encoder cable for Pete's big dob!!..(worked it out for myself in the end)



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I've looked through a US Orion 'push-to' 14" Dob and was mightily impressed. Stunning with a 21Ethos on deep sky.

I used to own a OO UK 10" Newt years ago. Nice optics, but the rest of the scope left a lot to be desired.


As well as the two 'Orions' take a look at David Lukehursts Dobs that he runs from Nottingham.

Really nice bloke ; he did a lecture to us at DDAS a year or two ago.

You can tailor the scopes as well i.e. optical upgrades, Moonlights etc

If i ever go for a Dobsonian in the future this is where i'd go......the 16" F5 deluxe is on my wish list  :D


Take a look....


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Orion usa are Orion Telescopes & Binoculars, Orion Uk are Orion Uk with no relationship except astronomy.

Otb usa badge stuff from other manufacturers, synta, united optics, kun ming etc, Orion uk make their stuff, possibly with exception of lower range mirrors, not sure on that one.

Orion uk made mirrors have always had a good reputation especially the top end optics, unfortunately until about 10 years ago their hardware tended to let them down. Thats all changed now. Their hardware now is pretty well top notch (except their strap tube rings which are ok but still need a bit more attention on them ) i know I have a set:-)

My old 1990s 8" newt had stunning optics but I had to rebuild the rest of the scope as it was very basic and dated. You wont have that problem with their new stuff.

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