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hello from durban, RSA

Guest MichaelDurban

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Hi Michael.

Welcome to EMS !

You're certainly a few miles away from the UK 'East Midlands'  :lol: Bet you are one of our most distant followers.

So how is SA astronomy........?  What sort of kit do you have out there to stargaze with ??


To post pictures we have to use Flickr (or something similar) then copy / paste from there.

Bit complicated, but it keeps costs down for the forum. 

I'm sure someone else can explain it better than me, and there are more details of how to do it elsewhere on the forum.

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Hello and welcome to the forum.


If you have any questions please feel free to post them in the relevant section and somebody will be along shortly to answer them.


In the meantime I hope you enjoy the forum.

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Guest MichaelDurban

hello and thanks everyone for your kind welcome..


I will post some pics of my SW 10" flextube, with all the mods I have made..


Durban is warm today, even though it's winter/spring...


I had some good viewing over the last few months, although it was cold outside

(well..relatively...we don't get below 10 degr C here in the hills..)


Just finished putting on my simple sliding mechanism for balancing the dob

(courtesy of an ATM'er here at EMS)


all the other mods I will post in the ATM section..

made a very exciting autofocuser mod for my dob..very easy to build !


Thanks again guys...will try that flickr thingy...never heard of it.. :)



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Very nice Michael.

Must be nice to have guaranteed observing above 10 degrees C. Most of our night time observing is below that and sometimes below freezing!

Looking forward to seeing your mods.

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Guest MichaelDurban

Hello peoples !


thank you thank you..


I figured out this flickr thing..


made my first post "motorizing a dob focuser" in the diy section..




and chat soon!

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Hi Michael, a warm welcome to EMS.


Sorry for the belated welcome, I have had lappy issues but they are now all happily resolved.

I have the old manual 12" Sky Watcher Dob, and I think it's a cracking bit of kit for the money. It's at the limit of what Iam happy to lug around on a night, but it certainly provides some cracking views.


Make yourself at home and enjoy the forum. :)

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