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First light 250px at Kelling heath.


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First light with my skywatcher 250px solid tube skyliner. Except for a quick test of the optics.

Kelling heath Friday 26th.

After running around in the afternoon to sort some dew protection and a Telrad, it was a clear night but very damp and the night was cut short due to dew in the eyepieces. The only bit that wasnt heated!! It is now.

First target was M57 the ring nebula,easily found with the aid of a wixey gauge, stunning view, nice large image with the 13 mm hyperion and was showing a lovely blue green colour. First time I've seen colour In the ring. It was then quickly on to M27 the dumb bell nebula, again lovely clear image and showing green in colour and showing some structure.

Martyn came along at this point for a quick fine tune on the collimation before heading on to M13 globular cluster. Wow, just wow. A mass of stars and with the 8mm hyperion the propeller stuck out like a saw thumb. M51 the whirlpool galaxy was next both centres clearly visible and was able to make out some structure after a bit of time. Then a good look at the double cluster. Stars apon stars apon stars.

Next, well this is were the story ends, despite a dramatic battle with my eyepieces and some poor views of M56, M2 and M45 the dew final won.

So, do I like my new scope, hell yeah. Some amazing views and some mods done. Lots still to do to get her running like I want including a lazy susan bearing, setting circle and a bit more height. But a fantastic scope with lots of potential, delivering some stunning views which some even compared to a 12" dob. Quick to set up, just manageable for one person and fits in the car. I can see me keeping this one for a while.

Thanks to everyone for your help and advice.


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You must have a good scope Andy, to see colour visually is very hard in small to medium scopes. I used to see quite a lot in my 16" dob but struggle in my 12" dob so you doing really well.

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I reckon you have a scope that will keep you happy for a good time yet.


Once you have the dew problem sorted, and a few of the mods done then it will make it just that bit more comfortable to use.


It came along just at the right time as well.  :thumbsup:

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glad you like  scope andy. had some great views from new basford with that scope, can only imagine what the views where like there. hoping to go to the dark site in October, hopefully Friday the 17th.

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