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PotM entries for October 2014


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Can all members place their photo's or sketches in this thread please. You can only post one photo or sketch per member. At the end of October a PotM judge will decide a winner.

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FSQ-85 and FSQ-106 both reduced (0.73x) with the QSI 690's on the back.

31x600s Ha
23x600s Oiii
14x600s Sii



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SW Equinox 80 APO, EQ5 Pro Synscan GOTO.
Guiding: SW 9x 50 finder guider and QHY5.
Modded Canon 600D and coma corrector with CLS clip filter.
Using: BYEOS, PHD, DSS, Photoshop CC and Nebulosity 3.

ISO 200
10 X 600 second Light frames
20 x Flats
20 x Bias
20 X 600s Darks
1 hour 40 mins total

15302287277_7f04d20003.jpgm45 neb 3 1.1 by VikN46, on Flickr


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Fantastic stuff so far people, it is going to be a real tough one for the October judge, keep them coming.



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Oh wot the heck :D Might as well stick my only image this month up for it. :D



Sunspot group AR12192 Oct 25th 2014 12:00 hours BST


Scope - Meade 127 ED Triplet Refractor

Filter - Lunt Solar Wedge plus Baader ND and polarising filters

Camera - QHY IMGOH Mono


1800 from 3900 frames, graded in PIPP, Stacked in AS2, Wavelets in Registax 6. False colour and a bit of brightening in PS






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Guest StevenWhatley

M42 EMS3 Starparty 24.10.14


x2 30s ISO200

x3 30s ISO400

X1 100S ISO200

X2 100S ISO800

X2 200S ISO200

X3 200S ISO400

X1 300S ISO400

X1 300S ISO800

X1 360S ISO400

X1 500S ISO800

X1 600S ISO200

X1 800S ISO200

X1 800S ISO400


Couple of darks but more needed.. Processed in PS about 100 times  :D


15455731449_3a3b7f3221_c.jpgM42-ANDERBYPRO4 by stevenwhatley231284, on Flickr

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My Contribution this month :) .... Another M42 taken at EMS3.


8x 3minutes outer ISO800.
23x 20seconds and 29x 8 second exposures for the core at ISO800.

Trapezium 29x 8 second at ISO800


All with a stack load of darks and about 18 flats.


ED80, HEQ5 Pro and Nikon D5000


Stacked in DSS and processed in CS2


Updated version... colour stretched a little further...


15656309555_4501cc78f9_h.jpgM42 Orion Nebula and M43 Running Man @ EMS3 by sja88, on Flickr

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Anymore entries folks.


This is the last day to post your October entries and then the winner will be picked and entered into our yearly competition with prizes over the weekend.

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I had the long hard task of deciding a winner from the 9 fantastic entries in the October PoTM. I must say it was a difficult task and every photo bought something different to the table but one photo kept drawing me back, it had something different that I just cannot put my finger on.


So congratulations to StuartJPP for his lovely M45 photo.


You are now the first of 12 entrants into the EMS Photo of the Year competition.




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