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Ems3 thanks guys

cosmic dave

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I would like to thank the guy's that came to ems3, once again we had clears skies at some point on both nights and I think everyone seemed to have a nice weekend, im really sorry that guy decided to put that big light up just to be awkward all mods are aware and we will look for a solution before next year. Once again thanks guys it was nice to see a few faces from the forum.

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Thanks Dave for organising it, had a wonderful time as always.


Thanks to Sheila as always too :thumbsup:


Met some new faces, caught up with some I'd not seen for a while and that's what makes it a great weekend. I managed to get my rig working for the first time thanks to the guidance (pun intended) from Stephen, and although the results are poor they are exactly what I could have hoped for under the circumstances and also for first light with so many new bits to get used to.


The bloke over the way was an exception, the rest of the caravaners were respectful I thought, and the free popadoms were a really nice thought. Looking forward to EMS4 already.

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Guest StevenWhatley

Really enjoyed the weekend guys, thanks for organising it Dave and others Mods!!!


Great to meet everyone and pick so many brains !! 


Looking forward to the next one already!! :) 

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Thanks to all those involved in organising the event and for all the little bits of help and advice.


What a nice opportunity to catch up with people and to meet a few more faces from the forum.


Had the chance to try all my stuff out as a mobile entity and all was working! :)


Best wishes



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Thanks Dave,


We had a great weekend. Nice to meet everybody and try my gear out at a new location.


Really enjoyed Paul Money's talk on the Friday.


Main lesson of the weekend - dew control next time!

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Guest derek1960

Hi, Derek 1960 here.

First post although i have been noseing around for a while.

I have my van sited at Manor farm.

Sorry to tell you all that the best sky's were on Sunday night.

I have been at Tina's caravan site for years, and i can assure you that 99.9 percent of us here look forward to your visit each year.

Sadley there is always one Tw*t.

If you had told Tina she would have sorted it out for you, i am  sure.

Many thanks to the guy who gave me a great tour of the sky's, Can't remember his name, but i hope he has done his homework now.

Glad that some of you joined us on Papadom night (it was open to all) Don't be shy next time

Nice to put some faces to names.

See you all at EMS4.

                                 Papadom Derek.

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Thanks for the popadums and beer Derek not sure what's happening with ems4 yet but the local branch (elac) are planning a meteor watch in august at manor farm I will keep you posted.

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