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Am I Mad...


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I did Wellington this week took me about 4 hours on and off tea breaks included, my fault as I should have done him last month

Last time we took our last OESD it cost us £55

No contest i bought the pro trimmers for just over a £100 and trimmed them myself 4 or 5 times a year for the last 7 years has saved me enough for a decent small scope

Might not be as good as the pros but it soon grows out


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I dare you to do Wellington like a standard poodle next time, just to see what Mrs Ibbo says.

Whats that phrase about doghouses!

Not a chance as I walk the dogs

though I suppose the dobermann (and that IS the proper spelling)would stop em laughing

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I paid £250 to have my cats teeth cleaned!

Mind you, she needed a general anesthetic before the vet could get near here. Then 2 days post operative care, antibiotics, etc, etc.

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