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1st DSO M13


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So I kinda figured out how to focus the CCD and scope using the SW coma corrector (well I *think* I put it all in the right way!) I wanted to image M13, I like observing clusters and wanted to get a better view of one for myself. My mount is having some motor issues, it's getting worse and rather loud now but I fear if I lay my hands on it...it won't work again.. :unsure: ...I'm getting frustrated with it to the point of packing it up and posting in for an episode of 'Will it blend?' hahaha....anyway....after setting AA3 to capture X amount of subs at 30secs (most the mount would behave for!) I wandered in to make a well deserved brew, leaving the scope and PC to do it's thing. Once done, I had a play with the subs, disheartened to find all but ONE was good enough (even this one has dodgy shaped stars), the rest had some really funky looking stars lol. This is the result of said single 30 sec sub processed within an inch it's life. One thing this has taught me, it's gonna COST me in the new year and beyond. This stuff is addictive :P

SW 150P-DS and Starlight Xpress MX7C


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It's a great start Nicky, AP (astrophotography) has such a steep learning curve to get right. It also needs money spent on it, you can get good results without spending loads but it is hit and miss.

Anyway I think you have done a great job.

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Thanks Mick, it sure is an expensive hobby! At the mo i'm just gaining experience using cheaper kit, if I break it, it's not so bad lol....kit will always be available so i'm in no hurry, but I would love a better mount 1st before anything else. New year I am starting off my 'new mount' fund see how long it takes me!

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Not a lot wrong with that one.

I try and push my Kit, cameras and scopes to the limit.

My EQ5 is far better after a strip down and re-grease, bit of de-burring etc....

I now get up to 5 minutes unguided when I get the polar alignment spot on. (I do throw away 40-60% of the subs that are poor).

Keep at it.

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