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First (proper) light with Nagler 2 - 4mm clickstop zoom eyepiece

Guest fondofchips

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Guest fondofchips

Well I promised that I would do reviews on my recent eyepiece purchases but even when it has been clear the seeing conditions haven't allowed me to do a decent comparison.

I've been going to look at Uranus but it never seemed high enough in the sky and easy to find or the seeing conditions were not up to it.

Last night was my best chance Uranus was high enough up and due South so I had a good marker, one of my neighbours chimneys is due South of the obsy.

Nothing bright near the planet it was on it's own in the sky so I used the Nirvana 28mm to find it.  I then tried the Baaader Hyperions 8 & 13mm but the view was still like a distant star.  I thought well why not try the Nagler 2 - 4mm zoom eyepiece.

As I clicked the zoom from 4mm to 2mm the sparkly star changed into the round ball of Uranus & a distinct green colour appeared.  I was chuffed, out of all the eyepieces I have still to try out I thought I wouldn't get much use from the Nagler zoom.  I tracked Uranus for a while really pleased with myself, I didn't try my 4mm WO UWAN on it but perhaps I should have done.  I was just enjoying the moment, nights like this is what gets us through all those cloudy bits.

Maybe the Nagler won't get as much use as my other eyepieces but with views like this even infrequently, it is still worth it.


I'm going to do a comparison between the WO UWANS & the Baader Hyperions but poor seeing & short clear spells has prevented me from doing that.

First impressions are that the Baader Hyperions (8 & 13mm) aren't much different to the WO UWAN, (4, 7 & 16mm) even in the faster Skywatcher 200P Newt.


What really made me smile though - I was using the Lyra Refractor not the Newt & still got a good view.   Best money I've spent yet & it was my first scope.

My plan to use the Lyra until I could upgrade then keep it as a mobile scope was spot on.


Clear skies to all.



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