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3 images: Star Trails, Moon shine, Orion and a Lucky Lovejoy


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A Few Shots from a Cold Night in South Germany...
All images taken using the Nikon D5000. Various exposure lengths to experiment with lighting and detail in the sky. Would have liked longer star trails (and without gaps) but only managed an hour or so outside as it was below -10ºC.
Some short trails (and Jupiter) over Hohen Neuffen - a Christmassy Scene
3 exposures, 74s, 140s and 330s at ISO200
Short Star Trails over Neuffen by sja88, on Flickr

A wintery moonlit scene
Single exposure 101s ISO200
Moon Shine by sja88, on Flickr
Orion and a very faint Lovejoy below Lupus
two shots stacked (26s @ ISO1600 and 20s @  ISO800) in DSS and edited in CS2. 
Orion and a faint comet Lovejoy in Lupus by sja88, on Flickr
Best wishes for the new year

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Thanks Pete. Was actually down to your and Steve's post that I looked for it was not actually out to take a picture with it on but had taken enough shots to catch it... a bonus :)

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