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Picture of the Month, February 2012


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We kick off this month with DSO's.

Ibbo fancied galaxies against this month, my favourite being his NGC2903, http://www.eastmidla...ic/653-ngc2903/.

peter shah posted a very colourful Rosette, http://www.eastmidla...gc-2244-in-rgb/.

Bryndalf captured Orion using just his DSLR, a candidate for Wide Field really, http://www.eastmidla...-just-a-camera/.

andyboy1970 kicks off the Lunar iamges, with an unusually banded Moon, http://www.eastmidla...ing-as-jupiter/.

philjay got a nice close-up of Tyco and Clavius, http://www.eastmidla...us-area-020212/.

tbird missed a few bites of his Lunar mosaic, http://www.eastmidla...-imaging-front/.

Planetary is kicked off by Shaun Kirkman with a smattering of Saturns and Jupiters, http://www.eastmidla...rn-and-jupiter/.

Ibbo got Mars, http://www.eastmidla...1-another-mars/.

tbird had a planetary fest, http://www.eastmidla...rs-and-jupiter/, Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Megallen Boy captured an unusual Feline Conjunction of the Moon and planets, http://www.eastmidla...he-conjunction/.

Unfortunatley no Solar images this month, I guess the Sun stayed in out of the rain.

Wide Field, Eddy_J1 attempted Orion, http://www.eastmidla...de-field-orion/.

As promised this weeks winner of an Altair Astro 2" 2x ED Barlow lens is Megallen Boy with his feline conjunction.

A licensed copy of Astrophotography Tool also goes to andyboy1970 for his Jupiter like banded Moon.

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Congrats Andy and Megallen Boy and well done all the runners up :)

It's great to see so many entries, and this section of the forum really kicking off nicely - keep it up guys 'n' gals :)

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