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iOptron Cube-Pro


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Anybody have any experience with these?

Just got off the phone with my dad and after that night on Exmoor and many hours of research and joining Tiverton Astronomy Society he has got his sights set on a Starwave ED80 and the iOptron Cube-Pro GoTo Mount from Altair Astro!

I think the bug has totally bitten! lol! :)

Any thoughts/advice/experiences on the equipment front would be welcomed.


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Ahhh.... hence the reasons for the question about refractors lol

Sorry matey - no experience of these - but a chap camped next to us at Kelling had an eq mount from Altair. Looked very nice and it had a tablet style controller with a "stellaruim style" goto software. About the size of an eq5 but looked sturdier and a little more substantial. He really rated it - just can't comment on the smaller alt/az. :)

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No probs. Thanks Kim. They certainly look nice though. I will probably 'borrow' my dads setup if he gets it ;)

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Of course I can recommend the scope Felix !!

Ha ha thanks Ron. I know the scope is beautiful. Am resisting the urge to buy one myself! It was mire the mount I was wondering about :)

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