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Next DDAS Observing Session - Saturday 14th July 2012

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Posting on behalf of Mike (as I am on his circulation list!). For anybody local, it's a great dark site and observatory they have, with some very friendly folk.

Hi folks,

Our NEXT OBSERVING SESSION will be held, subject to weather conditions, this Saturday 14th July 2012 from 9:30 pm onwards at the Society's Flamsteed Observatory. This is a week earlier than originally planned in order to attempt to view a grazing occultation of Jupiter with the Moon.

The occultation will however take place around 02:30-03:00 am British Summer Time that night (i.e. very early on the 15th)! Any stalwarts are welcome to join those of us who are nocturnal enough to try and witness this event. A variety of telescopes will be available, including the Society's 10" Newtonian under the dome and our 8" Meade LX-90, as well as those that may brought along by members. New people are always welcome and you can even bring your own scope!

Mike Lancaster

Derby & District Astronomical Society


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