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POTM January 2017


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Hi and welcome to another year of POTM and following what seems to have been a really cloudy/foggy round these parts month it's a wonder there has been chance for anyone to have got some pictures but some brave folks have so here goes:



Stash is getting the hang of guiding with his M81 & 82 image


plus he was out earlier in the month with a nice Rosette nebula and an M1 Crab




Ibbo has been busy with a set of DSOs,

SH2-157 Lobster claw


then followed by his mosaic of said SH2-157 and the Bubble


the a bubble in HST colours


Thats good going to get that amount of data in a poor month like this one Steve. I still reckon your nocturnal Steve;)


Graham gave us one that I havent heard of Berk 59 in Ha



Brady gave us a Rosette and Horse Head

Sharpie78 gave us a Rosette here



I even managed a DSO  entry but cheated a bit by keeping warm and using some old data:)



Only 3 entries this month

One from me and one from Tbird of the actual moon



and one from Perkil8r with some moon dust prepping for Stargazing Live event at Long Eaton School.




Only one entry and thats Tbirds Mars & Neptune shot




Well it was Ibbo all the way last month with 12, yes 12  images of the Sun in Ha with some super animations as well. It must be a microclimate where Steve lives, nice and sunny :-)

My favourites out of his posts are:-

5th of January animation

https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/12561-sol-5-1-2017-ha-animation/ the proms are particularly striking in this.

and the 25th January

https://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/12608-sol-25-1-2017-ha/ its nice to see there's still a lot going on up there.



Only one in this category, hey its Me :D I could not resist the Moon, Venus and Mars conjunction.



So thanks for all the entries guys and now it falls to me to announce the first POTM of 2017.

The image that made me go WOW was Ibbos Bubble in HST colours.

Its depth and colours are excellent but  the composition with the bubble, cluster and nebulosity just make it. I hope your going to print, frame it and hang it somewhere prominent  Steve, it deserves it.






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It's great to have you back doing this Phil, thanks for a great round up.


Congrats Steve, a very nice shot indeed. Well done to all who got anything captured!

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Thanks for the write up Phil, really good to have you back on POTM, saves people the agony of reading my waffle :P 


Congratulations to all who managed to get out and especially to Steve for producing some stunners, well done everybody, keep em coming.

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Well done to you all. Very nice Steve. Well deserved. And a great write up from Phil.

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Well done Steve great image I all ways look for ward to your images so I can go have a look for my self

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