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Picture of the Month December 2012


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Hi all and welcome to a new year and the PoTM for December 2012


It was a pretty poor month for clear skies and this had an effect on the number of images therefore  easing me into the role of PoTM judge. So seeing as there has been so few images I shall try and include a mention for most, apologies if youve been missed.



For saying there has been so much cloud around theres been 2 folks on here churning images out like bullets from a gun, (dunno where they get the skies)


Graham and Antares Paul have been very prolific so I shall pick a couple of theirs as examples


Grahams http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3233-m45-mosaic/ shows a good use of mosaic in an image

Antares Pauls http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3099-m108m97/ shows M108 and M97 very well and his crescent nebula http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/2993-ngc6888-crescent-nebula/ shows nice detail


Steve( Ibbos) Galloway  Rossette Nebula was a stunner but unfortunately it was taken in November so doesnt qualify but deserves a mention and a look. http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/2997-galloway-rose/

However Steves M42 deserves mention due to his combining dslr and ccd images to create really good detail in the heart of the nebula


Ollypenrices Crescent collaboration is a stunner and shows tons of outer halo http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3012-crescent-collaboration/

and his cone nebula Christmas card was a nice touch http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3314-christmas-card/

Shows what can be done with hours of clear sky, ahh we can only wish for skies like those


Todd8137 has been putting the 127 EDT through its paces as can be seen by his nice M33 image http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3186-m33/


Glider (Noel) showed what the Flaming Star nebula is like in its entirety http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3210-ic405-flaming-star-101212/


Ron Clarkes M31 with his RC 6" shows good detail http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3282-m31-reprocessed/


Mr T gave us M45 through a 300mm lens http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3131-seven-sisters/


Even I managed to get a scope out for once http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3209-m45-10th-dec/



A very sparse month for lunar images due to the weather with Graham shooting the moon through clouds http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3340-moon-through-the-clouds/

 and tbirds early morning moon and venus shot giving an atmospheric view http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3202-moon-venus/

and his lunar mosaics http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3368-part-lunar-mosaic-261212/ show good detail and I cant see the join



oldfruit showed us the GRS movement on Jupiter  http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3066-jupiter-and-dissapearing-grs-0112/


Eddy_J1 showed us his 1st planetary shot http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3128-first-attempt-at-planetaryjupiter/


Mr T was out with his compact camera on Jupiter http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3129-jupiter-with-compact-camera/


and Baz (Martyn) gave us a really atmospheric shot of Mercury, Venus and the Moon http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3197-mercury-venus-and-the-moon/


Tbird was out there again between the clouds bagging Jupiter in a family portrait http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3389-europa-io-and-jupiter-291212/ and also his animation here http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3403-jupiter-europa-short-animation/



Well what can I say, Im the only one sketching this month with my sketches from my trip through Cass, so folks come on get those HBs sharpened and lets see some sketches next month



Not surprisingly there has been no solar shots this month, cant remember the last time I saw the sun come out



Sunny Phil gave us a feel for far off skies http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3155-orion-from-ghana/


Ely Ellis (Martin) caught Comet C/2012 K5 Linear http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3195-comet-c2012-k5-linear/


tbird gave us another take on the Moon, Mercury and Venus show from earlier in the month http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3201-moon-venus-and-mercury/


Andyboy1970 showed us a couple of constellations rising http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3274-orioncanis-major/


and swaylight gave us a really widefield of Orion and Canis Major http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3271-widefield-play-from-last-night/




So after looking through all these great images there has been two which really did it for me Antares Pauls M108 and M97 and Bazs Moon Mercury and Venus both of these really made me stop and drink in the image but unfortunately only one can be chosen for PoTM


Therefore my pick for PoTM December 2012 is Antares Pauls M108/M97 http://www.eastmidlandsstargazers.org.uk/topic/3099-m108m97/

I chose it  because of so many things, the colour, framing, image scale, the sharp focus and the detail in both M97 and 108 and to top all that it was taken in bright moonlight, well done Paul I shall pm your details to Yodda for the APT key


Well done everyone and keep the images coming, if you can do this amount and quality of images with the poor weather we have had in december just imagine what your going to do this coming month because its going to be clear almost every night (yeah right :D )













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Such a cracking widefield Paul, a worthy winner.


Thanks Phil for such a lovely write up, and well done everyone.

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Thanks Phil for such a lovely write up, and well done everyone.


A sentiment I thoroughly agree with!


Happy new year and kind regards.

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Congratulations Paul, a really nice image.


Thanks to our outgoing judge, Noel, for his work setting up and presiding over PoTM, you had a hard job as the quality is superb.


And now to Phil, who is a very capable and fair judge, and who also has his work cut out by the rapidly rising standard of entries.


Despite the weather, there were some stunning images, well done to all.

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well done Paul,

and well done Phil, a tuff choice from all those images,

hopefully very soon i can add a few images from my setup, obsy not far from being up and running !

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Cracking images from everyone, and a great write up.

Silly question. Where do I post any pictures I may take in the future?

Never mind

Edited by T A WOW
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Congrats Paul and well done all the runners up. :)


And thanks to Phil for your first smashing write up - may there be many more to look forward to :)

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